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    • Maha-Astami Snan, Langalbandh , Narayanganj 

      Rahman, Hasanur (BRAC University, 2017-01)
      Langalbandh is situated in the bank of the Old Brahmaputra River near the Dhaka-Chittagong highway. The place is only 20km south of the capital, Dhaka. 2km alongside bank of this part of the river is considered holy by the ...
    • Mainamati cultural complex: the hub of culture and memories 

      Methila, Kazi Umme Mazhabin (BRAC University, 2015)
      Comilla is one of the richest heritage site of Bangladesh. This site is unique among all the archaeologically important sites of Bangladesh. About 50 scattered ancient remains of settlement from the 8th - 12th century ...
    • Manikganj Medical College Hospital, Manikganj 

      Sayed, Asad Bin (BRAC University, 2017-08-14)
      Bangladesh at present is one of the major developing countries of the world that has been making significant socio-economic developments in recent years. Despite its success in improving numerous significant healthcare ...
    • Manipuri Lalitkala Academy : a socio-cultural platform, Sylhet 

      Saad, Sakib Samiul (BRAC University, 2018)
      Bangladesh is now not only a place to mainstream Bengali’s but also to more than forty-five indigenous categories of people substantially dwelling in the course of the hilly and smooth areas of the country. Manipuri is one ...
    • Marine research institute and public aquarium 

      Hamid, Sadat (BRAC University, 2010)
      The site chosen for the Marine Research Intitute and Aquarium is in Cox’s Bazaar, one of the prime tourist locations in our country. The project was envisioned as bringing new life to the waterfront area in which the site ...
    • Maritime museum 

      Muzammil, Manzana (BRAC University, 2013)
      A maritime museum would help advance the marine and maritime knowledge of our society. The major objective of the Centre is to display thediversity of the marine ships of the region and out of the region and impart its ...
    • Middle income group housing, Mirpur, Dhaka 

      Awal, Sajid I (BRAC Univeristy, 2016)
      Housing in Dhaka, one of the most populous cities in the world has become more of a necessity rather than ambition. Due to socio-economic reasons, Dhaka is currently with scarcity of lands for providing home for its ...
    • Mirpur 12 government college and university: bridging communities through campus design 

      Elahi, Aiman (BRAC University, 2016-08)
      College campuses in Dhaka city are extremely introvert with boundary walls blocking all kinds of interaction between the two environments. On the other hand various private institutions also exist, where there is no student ...
    • Mixed used development 

      Khan, Ali Akbar (BRAC University, 2013-12)
    • Moncho Kabbo: purbachal new town 

      Ahasan, Sraboni (BRAC University, 2015)
      If we try to find out the sources of entertainment or recreational activities in our life we will see people go for movies, concert, restaurants, clubs, sports centers, amusement park, parks and galleries and there are few ...
    • MRO- CHA a hub for MRU indigenous people promoting the MRU: retaining their ethnicity 

      Saifee, Kazi Sumaiya (BRAC University, 2013)
      There are different ethnic groups reside in the Chittagong Hill Tracts(CHT) speaking different languages , practicing different religions, and following different cultural rules. Living mostly in the hills of Banderban, ...
    • MRT at cultural corridor at Shahbagh node, Bangladesh 

      Al-Amin, Mahbub (BRAC University, 2015)
      In this project the basic public facility like MRT station and a public space for amenity like a cultural space were introduced and the possible opportunity it might bring together with the impact was explored. Twenty ...
    • MRT station and urban linkage at khamabari-Indira road-Farmgate 

      Muttaqi, Nur-e-Dipha Shamima (BRAC University, 2012-04)
      In this project, what was explored is the opportunity matrix or dimension that might change or impact in a dense context of Dhaka if an MRT Station is introduced and the possible opportunities it might represent. Following ...
    • Multimodal terminal at Tongi, Dhaka, Bangladesh 

      Hamid, Kaiser (BRAC University, 2012)
      This paper is a report for the general background study to the specific mission development of the thesis project, title under multimodal terminal. The selected site of the suggested project is at Tongi beside Dhaka-Mymensing ...
    • Museum & Institution for Cartoon & Comic Art (MICCA) 

      Jahangir Arko, Chowdhury Asif (BRAC University, 2012-04)
      Cartoon is a drawing, representation or symbol that makes a satirical, witty or humorous point. Though different types of cartoons may vary greatly from each other, the one common factor is humor & all the types some how ...
    • Museum and research center for the traditional textiles of Bangladesh 

      Syeda Mushda, Ali (BRAC University, 2014)
    • Museum and research center of anatomy 

      Al- Hossain, Mahmud Mostofa (BRAC University, 2015-07)
    • Muslim institute cultural complex 

      Nur, Nuran Mohammed (BRAC Univeristy, 2017)
      The project is about building a cultural center for Chittagong city which will fulfill the city’s need of a platform to put on the religious, social, educational and cultural activities of its people together. The city was ...
    • Muslim institute cultural complex : finding the middle ground 

      Hauqe, Ehsanul (BRAC University, 2018)
      The project is about building a cultural center for Chittagong city in order to fulfill the city‟s need of a platform to celebrate the culture of Chittagong which will encourage people of all ages , gender and casts to ...
    • Narayanganj Fine Art Institute, the new cultural hub 

      Naher, Naimun (Brac University, 2019-08)
      Narayanganj Fine Art Institute The new cultural Hub will be in Narayanganj city. The site is known as jhimkhana lake which is recently a ongoing urban development project of Narayanganj- Revival of Baburail Khal.The site ...