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    • ICT village in Rajshahi 

      Zaman, Nusrat Faiza (BRAC University, 2017)
      The IT/ITES industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The IT/ITES industry is growing and is playing an increasingly prominent role in Bangladesh’s economy. This industry serves both domestic and ...
    • Impress filmcity 

      Reza, Mohona Tahsin (BRAC University, 2014-08)
      "It was poetry that invent the technique of montage, not Einstein" -Joseph Brodsky Growing up in this era, we all are surrounded by the influences of the media. Regardless of how contradictory it may be, the media has ...
    • Impress group headquarters for electronic and print media 

      Seraj, Saqif (BRAC University, 2016)
      Impress Group marked its entrance into electronic media with the founding of the television production house known as „Impress Telefilm Limited. back in 1997 and the later success of which made ground for the company to ...
    • In the shadow : a study for utilization of space under flyovers in Dhaka 

      Roushan, Nazia (BRAC University, 2013-04)
      lnaccessible, an absence and an abscess in the civic life of the city, the spaces under elevated highways canteem with activity. This thesis suggests ways to rehabilitate these forgotten, dark urban spaces without eradicating ...
    • In through and beyond: a space science learning centre 

      Aishwarya, Arpa (BRAC University, 2016)
      The human civilization is not confined within the boundaries of the Earth anymore. It has been more than 47 years since the first man has stepped into the moon triggering the thirst of space travel. Human send probes to ...
    • Infusing public interaction in mixed use development through architectural intervention at Mirpur 2 

      Nova, Rahfatun Nisa (BRAC University, 2012-08)
      Dhaka city has been highly populated & the same time dense with both the planned & unplanned buildings. Some of them are governmental complexes which are sustainable & more open for mass gathering in comparison with the ...
    • Insight: A retreat for synaptic symbiosis and self-autonomy 

      Eshita, Amlin Iqbal (BRAC University, 2014)
    • Institute for the differently abled children (Proyash) 

      Mahmud, Iffat Ara (BRAC University, 2014-12)
      In Bangladesh about 1.8 core people (United Nations ESCAP Survey Feb 2011) with different sorts of disabilities live around us while we do nothing and keep silent as if to deny their existence in the society. Anyone who ...
    • Integrated handloom center: a platform for the weavers 

      Kamal, Tasmia (BRAC University, 2018)
      Handloom, the tradition of weaving clothes by hands, is one of the richest aspects of Bangladeshi culture and heritage .Traditionally being the largest rural industry in Bangladesh, it is the second largest source of rural ...
    • International Airport, Cox Bazar, Bangladesh 

      Ruman Tasnim, Nishat (BRAC University, 2017-01)
      Cox bazar international airport is a huge proposed project by the government handled by the civil aviation authority of Bangladesh to provide the international standard facilities to the incomers. The whole master plan ...
    • International convention centre cum commercial complex 

      Nazneen, Numera (BRAC University, 2016)
      Mixed use high rise buildings tend to be tall and act as a landmark because of their heights. Some of these high rise buildings are causing many problems such as, contradiction with the landscape, disturbance of sunlight ...
    • International cricket stadium at Darianagar, Cox's Bazar 

      Parvez, Ahmed Bin (BRAC University, 2011-08)
    • International trade fair complex at purbachal : an event platform for branding a new city 

      Rahman, Farahbee (BRAC University, 2013)
      Bangladesh being a developing country needs to be spotted or marked in the world map carrying a brand image to compete with fellow countries of her surroundings. Branding Bangladesh or a part of it to the world through its ...
    • International youth centre at chittagong 

      Hossain, Nazia Nawrin (BRAC University, 2013)
      Youth in a country is the most viable and potential human resource not only in population structure but also in social structure.They should be given the appropriate space and opportunity to exercise their talents and ...
    • Islamic learning and research center 

      Hossain, Maisha (BRAC University, 2014-12)
    • IT park, Comilla 

      Zaman, Md. Kazi Rafid Bin (BRAC University, 2019-02-10)
      The idea of IT Park speaks to a method towards technology, research and development. As data innovation has been apparent as the top need segment by concepts making move from agro to modern economy to data economy, most ...
    • Jagatpur Ashram : Unoshotturpara, Raojan, Chittagong, Bangladesh 

      Khan, Muzaiana Naomi (BRAC University, 2012-02)
      Ashram is a place where the natural surroundings are conductive to spiritual instructions and meditation. It is a place where one can only revitalize his own soul, mind and his reflection of life through yoga and maintaining ...
    • Jamdani kotha: weaving the heritage 

      Habib, A.M. Rezwanul (BRAC University, 2017-08)
      Jamdani Saree is one of the most ancient and finest muslin textiles of Bangladesh. However, the craft of Jamdani weaving is facing threats of extinction due to various problems and obstacles compelling many weavers to leave ...
    • Journey through self: design of contemplative spaces inspired from the philosophy and lyrics of Fakir Lalon Shah of Kushtia, Bangladesh 

      Ahmed, Syeda Tahmina (Department of Architecture, BRAC University, 2013-08)
      The core of the philosophy of Fakir Lalon Shah, a mystic poet and spiritual practitioner of Kushtia, Bangladesh talks of self-containment and to look for answers within self; to connect Soneself to the cosmic energy and ...
    • Keraniganj riverfront development 

      lslam, Sumaiya Rufida (BRAC University, 2013)
      Old Dhaka stands with its glorious history by keeping the pride of Dhaka. Keranigang the other side of the river Buriganga is the part of new Dhaka projecting the future of Dhaka. Both of the two areas are dealing with ...