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    • Campus design for Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology 

      Islam, Md Salman (BRAC University, 2018)
    • Campus of ASA University 

      Shibly, Shihab Mohammad (Brac University, 2019-12)
      ASA University is a private university that is part of ASA foundation’s education plan. The current campus is situated in Shyamoli, Dhaka. However, due to government regulations every private university has to build their ...
    • Campus planning of ASA University of Bangladesh 

      Alam, Afia (BRAC University, 2018)
    • Center for blind children Dhaka 

      Humaira, Syeda Anika (BRAC University, 2015-08)
      The disabled children-blindness and visual impairment being one of them are the most deprived of education right in Bangladesh. When quality education is a critical component of child development and a means of self ...
    • Center for contemporary art, Dhaka, Bangladesh 

      Farzana, Suhailey (BRAC University, 2011-08)
      A museum is not supposed to be a place where visitors come, go around, see and leave. The society and general public needed a common platform of interaction from a very long time. This museum is designed in such a way where ...
    • Center for International trade fair events Purbachal, Dhaka 

      Rahman, Asif Ibn (BRAC University, 2015)
      The core idea of the project is to create a platform of dialogue for progress and cooperation in the international community with an intention to bring the whole world together, setting up guidelines for future and bring ...
    • Center for science re-designing the national museum of science and technology Agargaon, Dhaka 

      Disha, Samia Khan (BRAC University, 2015-07)
      Science is a fundamental base and a vital component of the life in today’s world. Being surrounded with the countries that are constantly improving and developing their skills in science and technology, Bangladesh needs ...
    • Center for self riliance : a place for learning and sharing 

      Arefin, Md. Abrarul (BRAC University, 2017)
    • Center for training and rehabilitation of destitute women 

      Ahmed, Samia (Brac University, 2019-08)
      Mymensingh is one of the poorest region in our country and their women have been struggling for a long period to establish their rights in family, society and in the state. The project “Center for Training and Rehabilitation ...
    • Center for underprivileged children 

      Sultana, Mahbuba (BRAC University, 2018)
    • Central Public Library Dhaka: the cynosure of knowledge 

      Fateh, Fayeka (BRAC University, 2016-08)
      The Central Public Library will be the ‘cynosure of knowledge’. This means it will become thecenter where knowledge will give guidance to the people and at the same time it will attract all kinds of people into it to ...
    • Centre for human rights 

      Hai, Rafit Reasat (BRAC University, 2014)
    • Centre for Puppetry 

      Hossen, Md. Asad (BRAC University, 2014)
      The project, ‘Puppet Animation Theatre and Children Centre’, aims to create a better world for the children that will ensure them to grow up in a joyful environment, to learn the basics of life, to see the difference between ...
    • Chalachitra jadu ghar : film museum 

      Jalil, Farah (BRAC University, 2015-08)
    • Charuta Narayanganj fine arts institute the new cultural hub: Narayanganj, Dhaka 

      Zaman, Md. Shadman (BRAC University, 2018)
      Narayanganj is a developing city having a significant history. People from different countries and from different timeline have visited the city. This has influenced its arts and culture throughout time. The art & culture ...
    • Chhaanch Nogori mold town: revival of metal craft in Dhamrai, Bangladesh 

      Bonotulshi, Doito (Brac University, 2017)
      Dhamrai has been the place of creativity for centuries. It has a rich history of artistic creativity tracing back to the Pala Dynasty (800-1100AD). During this time both early Buddhist and Hindu settlements had flourished. ...
    • Child rehabilitation center 

      Jalal, Shahreen (Department of Architecture, BRAC University, 2013-08-27)
      Children are the future of our countries. Social, economical and political development of this country depends on their developments. Beside children who are growing up with proper facilities, the unprivileged children ...
    • Children's creativity museum : a place for imagination and innovation 

      Kipti, Maria (BRAC University, 2013-08)
      Playing is a fundamental right and a vital component of the life of every child. lt is an inevitable element of a child's overall development and has a direct impact on physical, mental and social wellbeing. Through the ...
    • Chittagong art complex 

      Ahmed, Sakia (BRAC University, 2015)
      The existing institute Bishaud Bangla Organization is housed under a limited space which is rented. The organization hopes to serves the purpose with which it was planned. Moreover gives a place to the city dwellers of ...
    • Chittagong Hill Tracts Regional Council : a cultural platform 

      Anjum, Noushin (BRAC University, 2016)
      Despite the fact that Bangladesh's populace comprises generally of Muslim, Bengali speakers, it likewise contains an assortment of other ethnic gatherings. A large portion of these gatherings occupy the locale known as the ...