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    • Health domain of the ultra poor: an exploration 

      Zaman, Shahaduz; Rahman, Hasanur; Edgeworth, Ross (BRAC, 2004-10)
      There has been an increasing amount of materials surrounding health-seeking behaviour in recent years. However, a relatively small proportion of literature has focused upon health behaviours and types of health services ...
    • Stories of targeting: process documentation of selecting the ultra poor for CFPR/TUP programme 

      Zaman, Shahaduz; Matin, Imran; Rahman, Hasanur; Ali, Tariq; Noor, Marufia; Rashid, Mamum-ur-; Shihab, Abu Muhammad; Parveen, Rezvina (BRAC, 2004-04)
      The targeting process for the CFPR/TUP (Challenging the Frontiers of Poverty Reduction - Targeting the Ultra Poor) progranune brings together diverse strands of knowledge on ·poverty (indigenous, local, progranunatic, and ...