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    • An assessment of male attitude towards violence against women 

      Rafi, Mohammad; Banu, Dilruba; Alim, Md. Abdul; Akter, Shaheen (BRAC Research and Evaluation Division (RED), 2003-05)
      Violence against women is a global burden. In violence against women wives, mothers and daughters are battered, raped, verbally abused, neglected, deprived of human dignity and means to meet their basic needs. The cost ...
    • Prevalence and correlates of the risk of Sexual violence within marriage in Bangladesh 

      Hadi, Abdullahel (BRAC Research and Evaluation Division (RED), 1997)
      Sexual violence against women has never been new in history. What is new is to discover that this kind of act is wrong and has direct impact on women's health. Using data from a nationally representative sample of 500 ...