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    • Construction and operation of a dispersive laser raman spectrograph using interference filter 

      Abedin, KM; Farhad, SFU; Islam, MR; Talukder, Aminul I; Haider, A F M Yusuf (© 2008 Journal of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences, 2008)
      A dispersive laser Raman system was designed and constructed using a helium-neon (He-Ne) laser as an excitation source, and an interference filter in the reflection mode for Raleigh filtering instead of the more common ...
    • Construction of laser raman system using diode laser and Its performance 

      Abedin, Kazi M; Habib, M Ahasan; Wahadoszamen, M; Talukder, Aminul I; Haider, A F M Yusuf (© 2009 Journal of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences, 2009)
      We constructed a laser Raman system using a commercially available infrared diode laser. The diode laser is used without any temperature controller in a stabilized power supply. Good quality Raman spectra of sufficient ...
    • Laser Raman spectroscopy with different excitation sources and extension to surface enhanced raman spectroscopy 

      Wahadoszamen, Md; Haider, A F M Yusuf; Rahaman, Arifur; Hoque, Nabil Md. Rakinul; Talukder, Aminul I; Abedin, Kazi Monowar (© 2015 Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2015)
      A dispersive Raman spectrometer was used with three different excitation sources (Argon-ion, He-Ne, and Diode lasers operating at 514.5 nm, 633 nm, and 782 nm, resp.). The system was employed to a variety of Raman active ...