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    • Estimating flood susceptibility of Bangladesh in the future year using machine learning 

      Alim, Sakib Bin; Lucky, Rakebun Islam; Ahmed, Aunindya Arif; Nahian, Prethu (Brac University, 2021-06)
      Being a riverine country with more than 400 rivers, flood is a common phenomenon for Bangladesh. As, the land is less than five meters above sea level, and also due to heavy rainfall during monsoon season, it makes the ...
    • Modelling option prices using neural networks 

      Nasim, Ahmed Zohair; Syed, Shehran (Brac University, 2019)
      In this research, modelling of the European option prices of S&P 500 index options was carried out using Multi-layer Perceptron Neural Networks. The goal was to train the neural networks using historical data to accurately ...