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    • Initial social impact of the Rupsha bridge project in Khulna 

      Murtaza, Mohammad G.; M. Ghulam Sattar (BRAC Research and Evaluation Division (RED), 1998)
      Fallowing a decision by the government to construct a bridge over the river Rupsha in Khulna, a number of preparatory studies were undertaken on different aspects of the bridge project. An initial social impact assessment ...
    • Social impact of app-based service: a study based on URAL EMS 

      Ahmed, Ishtiaque (BRAC University, 2018-08-09)
      This report is prepared on the basis of my three-month practical experience at WOADEC Limited. This internship program helped me to learn about the practical scenario of a Startup Technology-based Company. WOADEC Limited ...
    • Wider impacts of microfinance institutions: towards defining the scope and methodology 

      Zohir, Sajjad; Matin, lmran (BRAC, 2002-09)
      The theme of wider implications of microfinance institutions' interventions is a relatively uncharted territory, though the term is alluded to quite frequently. The interest in this theme has emerged out of a number of ...