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    • An efficient interpretation model for people with hearing and speaking disabilities 

      Sayeed, M. M. Mahmud; Hossain, Anisha Anjum; Priya, Samrin (BRAC University, 8/22/2017)
      Sign language is a medium of communication between individuals who have hearing and speaking deficiency. Generally they are called Deaf and Mute. To have a better, effective and simpler communication between the vocal and ...
    • Research on generative sign language using neural networks 

      Selim, Bushra Binte; Iqbal, Maliha; Shahriar, Asif; Faria, Fauzia; Mostafa, Rafid (Brac University, 2021)
      Sign gesture, which is one type of non-audible specialized strategy is the medium to correspond with individuals having auditory and talking incompetency. There are numerous computerized methods of creating gesture-based ...