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    • History (Forward N-Gram) or future (Backward N-Gram)? Which model to consider for N-Gram analysis in Bangla? 

      Khan, Naira; Habib, Md. Tarek; Alam, Md. Jahangir; Rahman, Rajib; UzZaman, Naushad; Khan, Mumit (BRAC University, 2006)
      This paper presents a directional advantage of n-gram modeling in terms of backward or forward n-gram modeling in Bangla. The most commonly used n-gram analysis is predominantly a forward n-gram. However in Bangla it appears ...
    • Network security and intrusion detection system 

      Rahman, Rajib; Zaman, Salman; Alam, Sarwar (BRAC University, 2007-01)
      Objective of this project is to study various ways network security could be challenged, analyze the events that lead to vulnerabilities and hacking in remote network manipulation method, learn methodologies used to ...