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    • Child labour: an exploration from the perspective of extreme poor children 

      Karim, Raihana; Rahman, Hasanur; Zaman, Shahaduz (BRAC, 2004-07)
    • Health domain of the ultra poor: an exploration 

      Zaman, Shahaduz; Rahman, Hasanur; Edgeworth, Ross (BRAC, 2004-10)
      There has been an increasing amount of materials surrounding health-seeking behaviour in recent years. However, a relatively small proportion of literature has focused upon health behaviours and types of health services ...
    • Maha-Astami Snan, Langalbandh , Narayanganj 

      Rahman, Hasanur (BRAC University, 2017-01)
      Langalbandh is situated in the bank of the Old Brahmaputra River near the Dhaka-Chittagong highway. The place is only 20km south of the capital, Dhaka. 2km alongside bank of this part of the river is considered holy by the ...
    • Process documentation of selecting the ultra poor for CFPR/TUP Programme 

      Noor, Marufia; Mamun-ur-Rashid; Shihab, Abu Muhammad; Parveen, Rezvina; Rahman, Hasanur; Ali, Tariq (BRAC Research and Evaluation Division (RED), 2003-07)
      ll1e targeting process for the CFPR/TUP programme aims to bring together diverse strands of knowledge on poverty (indigenous, local, programmatic and academic) in identifying and selecting CFPR/TUP beneficiaries (tvfatin ...
    • Revisiting Jamuna bridge resettlement areas: exploring livelihood status of the affected people 

      Ghosh, Shyamal C; Rahman, Hasanur; Rana, AKM Masud (BRAC, 2010-09)
      Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge (JMB) project was the first of its kind which incorporated resettlement activities facilitating livelihood restoration of the project affected people (PAP). This study was an endeavor to reveal ...
    • Stories of targeting: process documentation of selecting the ultra poor for CFPR/TUP programme 

      Zaman, Shahaduz; Matin, Imran; Rahman, Hasanur; Ali, Tariq; Noor, Marufia; Rashid, Mamum-ur-; Shihab, Abu Muhammad; Parveen, Rezvina (BRAC, 2004-04)
      The targeting process for the CFPR/TUP (Challenging the Frontiers of Poverty Reduction - Targeting the Ultra Poor) progranune brings together diverse strands of knowledge on ·poverty (indigenous, local, progranunatic, and ...