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    • Chondrobot-2: A simple and efficient semi-autonomous tele-robotic lunar excavator 

      Rhaman, Md. Khalilur; Hossain, Md. Jonayet; Anik, Kazi Mohammad Razin; Oyon, Mahmudul Hasan; Nabia, Sarah Binte Nasir; Rahi, Nabil Shaker; Khan, Bonny Amin; Miran, Md. Mashiur Rahman; Bhuian, Belal Hossain; Rahman, Md. Mosaddequr (© 2012 IEEE, 2012)
      A simple, light-weight and efficient excavation system to excavate and collect lunar regolith has been developed at BRAC university. The excavation system has a dimension of 1.21m × 0.66m × 0.74m with a total weight of 65 ...
    • Performance improvement of solar hot water system by reducing solar irradiation from solar collector and solar tank 

      Khan, Bonny Amin; Islam, Md. Sanzidul Islam; Ferdous, Jannatul; Rahi, Nabil Shaker (BRAC University, 2011-04)
      The word itself ―Solar‖ describes that we are dealing with some renewable energy source for a hot water system. The solar hot water system has been a popular throughout the world as it is cost effective and easy to maintain. ...