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    • Deepfake detection using neural networks 

      Sakib, Sadman; Abid, Mir Tarid Al; Tiana, Nures Saba; Asha, Wajida Anwar; Huq, Syed Mahbubul (Brac University, 2021-09)
      Deepfake is a sort of arti cial intelligence that forge original image or video and create persuading images, audio and video hoaxes by utilizing two contending AI algorithms-the generator and discriminator that form a ...
    • Translating words to images: adaptation in practice 

      Samiha, Maisha (BRAC University, 2017-12-06)
      A film critic asked me recently if you should read the book first and then see the movie, or see the movie and then read the book. I told him they don't have anything to do with each other. There are all kinds of movies ...