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    • A novel modified SFTA approach for feature extraction 

      Hasan, Md Junayed; Uddin, Jia; Pinku, Subroto Nag (© 2016 IEEE, 2016-09-22)
      To increase the efficiency of conventional Segmentation Based Fractal Texture Analysis (SFTA), we propose a new approach on SFTA algorithm. We use an optimum multilevel thresholding hybrid method of Genetic Algorithm (GA) ...
    • A novel parallel feature extraction method using HGAPSO and GLCO based SFTA 

      Hasan, Md. Junayed; Khan, Nazmul Kabir; Hridi, Navila Alam; Ontora, Fariha Tahsin (BRAC University, 2016-04)
      Content based visual information retrieval system (CBVIR) is an important system to know the information of the images. Image is much more powerful than a document because it can say a lot more than a document itself. ...