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    • Comparative analysis of different PWM techniques on three-phase voltage source inverter fed induction motor drive 

      Mahbub, Mohiuddin (Brac University, 2020-11)
      The demand for the induction motor is ever-growing day by day because of its robustness, high efficiency, and low cost over other motors. With the increasing demand for speed control of induction motor, a necessity arises ...
    • A detailed analysis on BUCK converter in different conduction mode 

      Shakil, Md Shaidul Islam (BRAC University, 2018)
      A DC-DC BUCK Converter is a basic type of switch mode power converter. It has variety of application. It behaves differently in different conduction mode. In this thesis a buck converter is designed first considering the ...
    • Study of AC-DC converter 

      Masud, Ali Tanjim Bin; Kabir, Md. Ishmam; Zannat, Meftahul; Banik, Niloy (BRAC University, 2018-10)
      The modern electronic devices operate with low DC output voltage. The AC utility supply needs to be converted and step down to a suitable DC voltage. During earlier days, the converters were huge in size and were expensive ...