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    • Deepfake detection using neural networks 

      Sakib, Sadman; Abid, Mir Tarid Al; Tiana, Nures Saba; Asha, Wajida Anwar; Huq, Syed Mahbubul (Brac University, 2021-09)
      Deepfake is a sort of arti cial intelligence that forge original image or video and create persuading images, audio and video hoaxes by utilizing two contending AI algorithms-the generator and discriminator that form a ...
    • Detecting Deepfake images using deep convolutional neural network 

      Dhar, Arpita; Acharjee, Prima; Biswas, Likhan; Ahmed, Shemonti; Sultana, Abida (Brac University, 2021-09)
      In recent years, advancement in the realm of machine learning has introduced a feature known as Deepfake pictures, which allows users to substitute a genuine face with a fake one that seems real. As a result, distinguishing ...
    • A machine learning approach to detect DeepFake videos 

      Hassan, Md. Mahedi; Nawrin, Na sha (Brac University, 2021-06)
      DeepFake detection is important as the internet is a big part of our lives. DeepFake photos and videos can easily mislead us into thinking something that probably did not happen. It can also reduce trust in the media. ...