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    • COVID-19 related fake news detection model 

      Shondhy, Sumaiya Islam; Khan, Forhad Ahmed; Ibrahim, Syed Shoaib; Barua, Shuvajit (Brac University, 2021-01)
      In this era of developed information and technology, any sort of information runs faster than air. The reliability of the information can be tricky at times. Some news publishing sources can publish news that are actually ...
    • Effectiveness of data mining in predicting heart diseases 

      Afrin, Shahria; Sikder, Ashique (BRAC University, 8/21/2017)
      Heart Diseases affect a large population in today’s world, where the lifestyle is moved from active to comfort-oriented. We live in era of fast foods. Which build up cholesterol, diabetes and many more factors which in ...