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    • Breast cancer in South Asia: a Bangladeshi perspective 

      Hossain, Mohammad Sorowar; Ferdous, Shameema; E. Karim-Kos, Henrike (© 2014 Elsevier Ltd., 2014)
      South Asian countries are facing a hidden breast cancer epidemic. A significant proportion of the breast cancer cases occur in premenopausal women. Knowledge of the various aspects of breast cancer in different geographical ...
    • Score based risk assessment of lung cancer and its evaluation for Bangladeshi people 

      Mukti, Roushney Fatima; Samadder, Pratul Dipta; Emran, Abdullah Al; Ahmed, Farzana; Imran, Iqbal Bin; Malaker, Anyanna; Yeasmin, Sabina (© 2014 Asian Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention, 2014)
      Background: The problem of cancer, especially lung cancer, is very acute in Bangladesh. The present study was conducted to evaluate the risk of lung cancer among Bangladeshi people based on hereditary, socio-economic and ...
    • Traffic condition awareness using kalman filter technique with the aid of arduino and matlab embedded system author 

      Azad, Dr. A.K.M Abdul Malek; Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, BRAC University (BRAC University, 2018-08)
      Traffic congestion in the city of Dhaka is reaching a new pinnacle every day. Owing to numerous private cars and local buses, the gridlocks in Dhaka city can be termed as one of the worst in the world. In a recent study ...