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    • Band structure study of graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides heterostructures 

      Ahmed, Saif; Ahmed, Nafisa Nowshin; Nur, Juhayer An (BRAC University, 2017)
      According to Moore’s Law, it is predicted that the number of transistors –the building blocks of any modern electronic device– on integrated circuits per square inch will double every year. However studies show that the ...
    • Different Touch - focusing on campaign 

      Ahmed, Saif (BRAC University, 2017-11-05)
      The internship report focuses on the experience I have gathered being an intern in the Marketing department of Different Touch which is the working for many renowned national and multinational brands. I have mostly looked ...
    • A voice signal based gender prediction model using random forest classifier 

      Ahmed, Saif; Hossain, Sajjad; Chowdhury, Gazala; Mehnaz, Maliha (BRAC University, 2018-04)
      In the proposed model, Classification and Regression Tree (CART) was used as a classifier to classify gender using four different algorithms which were tested with changing dataset frames, layer sizes and samples to get ...