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    • A comprehensive study and performance based evaluation on routing protocols of WiMAX 

      Shabnam, Farzana; Saha, Aparna; Sobhan, Rifat Binte; Debnath, Tanmoy (© 2016 IEEE, 2017-02-14)
      Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) technology is a subdivision of the vast field of wireless communications, which breaks the restrictions of DSL, cablemodem or T1 infrastructure based wire line of our ...
    • Real time clocked based multilevel solar system: implementation and verification 

      Khurshid, Siam Bin; Debnath, Tanmoy; Nawaz, Syed Fakir; Imtiaz, Syed Nafiz (BRAC University, 2016-08)
      Solar energy has originated to be a feasible source of renewable energy over the past two or three decades as this has been used to power up our industrial and domestic applications and gain desired national production. ...