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    • Cartographer 

      Preetom, Istefan Islam; Shovon, Tanvir Ahmed; Mahmud, Tahsin (BRAC University, 2010-12)
    • Development of an electromagnetic vibrational energy harvesting system 

      Nizam, Rafquat; Ehsan, Md. Labib; Khan, Aurin; Khan, Raiyan (BRAC University, 2014-04-30)
      The project proposes to develop a power generation system that can harness the mechanical vibration from ambient electromagnetic energy. The system employs an electromagnetic transducer which is able to convert the vibration ...
    • Development of navigation system for visually impaired person 

      Shaha, Rajesh Kumar; Mahmud, Niaz; Bin Zafar, Ridwan; Rahman, Sraboni (BRAC University, 2012-12)
    • The people mover project 

      Mousumi, Mahfuza Khanom; Bobby, Aldrin Nippon; Kawsar-ul-Alam; Imran, Syed Parvez (BRAC University, 2011-05-03)
    • Portable environmental monitoring system 

      Ehsan, M. Samiul; Biswas, Shukla; Nawar, Anika; Siddiqua, Rumali (Brac University, 2019-04)
      In this modern world of 21st century, the development of new technologies is rapid than in the past. People are more concerned about new industries and businesses. As a result, environment has become less important to ...
    • Virtual Mouse: Design and implementation of an accelerometer based wireless mouse 

      Aryan, Arghya Dev Biswas; Wasif, Md. Fahmid; Hasan, Md. Mahmudul (BRAC University, 2011-12-15)
      The concept of Accelerometer Based Hand Action Recognition is a known phenomenon and has its execution in the field of gaming controller. By the use of this concept, we intend to build up a device that we would like to ...
    • A Wireless controlled semi-autonomous fire extinguishing robot to rescue and monitor hazardous 

      Imran Bin, Jafar; Raihana, Kanij; Barua, Tanwy; Uddin, Milon (BRAC University, 2013)
      This thesis work covers the design and construction of a very contemporary advantageous electro-mechanical arrangement for fire extinguishing purpose that is an intelligent robotic system which is basically used to move ...