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  • Muhtadi, Taseen; Amin, Nurul; Tabassum, Musrat (BRAC University, 2012-12-15)
    A comprehensive security system incorporating motion sensors and laser sensors activated and deactivated by a password. The security system is designed to protect a valuable object. Access to the room can only be gained ...
  • Mishuk, Md. Nasimuzzaman (BARC University, 2017)
    Imaging technique with high-sensitivity and high-spatial-resolution at single molecular level is always a desired aspect to the researchers. In association with scanning probe microscopy and surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy ...
  • Salma, Umme; Tanni, Tanzina Rahman; Mourin, Nishat Jahan; Islam, Humayra (BRAC University, 2011-05)
    Performance analysis has been carried out for a multi-tone DS-CDMA wireless communication system over a faded channel considering the channel limitations. The analysis is based on MT-DS-CDMA system and a rake receiver with ...
  • Purification, Paul (BRAC University, 2010-12-08)
    Energy crisis are of special attention in today's world. The unending usage of non-renewable energy sources will bring an end to the limited resources in near future. In order to preserve the resources, several alternative ...
  • Ahmadullah, Najiba; Islam, Shahpar (BRAC University, 2014-08-28)
    Road traffic congestion is a major issue in most mega cities. The traffic jams are often exacerbated by drivers habitually following the same routes. A real-time, optimum vehicle routing system that takes traffic density ...
  • Sakib, Rizwanul Karim; Reza, Bisway (Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, BRAC University, 2010-04-16)
    A Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network or VANET is a form of Mobile Ad-Hoc Network or MANET which provides communication between vehicles and between vehicles and road-side base stations. A vehicle in VANET is considered to be an ...

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