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  • Chowdhury, Ahasanul Haque (BRAC University, 2012-05)
    The objective of the thesis is to design the “alternative Solar Water Heater with Automated control system”, which is developed by CARG at the roof top UB building, using “SolidWorks 2012” software. Initially, I made a 2D ...
  • Chowdhury, Nusrat Tasnufa; Chowdhury, Dilruba (BRAC University, 2014-01)
    No longer new in wireless technology; the ultra wide band (UWB) radio transmits large amounts of digital data over a wide spectrum of frequency bands (>500MHz) at distance up to 230 ft at very low power (< 0.5 mW), As well ...
  • Hossain, Foez Md Iqbal; Imran, Misbah Uddin Md.; Ahmed, Md. Saleh (BRAC University, 2013-12)
    In the last few years, there has been an immense influence of wireless networks in our daily life. Especially, wireless mesh network has got a prominent attention in academic research and commercial deployment as well. We ...
  • Muhtadi, Taseen; Amin, Nurul; Tabassum, Musrat (BRAC University, 2012-12-15)
    A comprehensive security system incorporating motion sensors and laser sensors activated and deactivated by a password. The security system is designed to protect a valuable object. Access to the room can only be gained ...
  • Salma, Umme; Tanni, Tanzina Rahman; Mourin, Nishat Jahan; Islam, Humayra (BRAC University, 2011-05)
    Performance analysis has been carried out for a multi-tone DS-CDMA wireless communication system over a faded channel considering the channel limitations. The analysis is based on MT-DS-CDMA system and a rake receiver with ...
  • Purification, Paul (BRAC University, 2010-12-08)
    Energy crisis are of special attention in today's world. The unending usage of non-renewable energy sources will bring an end to the limited resources in near future. In order to preserve the resources, several alternative ...
  • Ahmadullah, Najiba; Islam, Shahpar (BRAC University, 2014-08-28)
    Road traffic congestion is a major issue in most mega cities. The traffic jams are often exacerbated by drivers habitually following the same routes. A real-time, optimum vehicle routing system that takes traffic density ...
  • Sakib, Rizwanul Karim; Reza, Bisway (Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, BRAC University, 2010-04-16)
    A Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network or VANET is a form of Mobile Ad-Hoc Network or MANET which provides communication between vehicles and between vehicles and road-side base stations. A vehicle in VANET is considered to be an ...

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