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  • Huq, Quazi Faheemul (BRAC University, 2015-08)
    The project, “TEA Experience Arena” aims to re – introduce TEA in new dimensions in Bangladesh. Tea is a universal drink and the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. It connects people and is drunk by ...
  • Rahman, Tahmidur (BRAC University, 2013-12)
    Temple of Knowledge is a platform for the citizens of this city to interact, to live, to share and to gain knowledge.To gain knowledge, not only through the conventional way that we are already familiar with but also through ...
  • Islam, Afrina (BRAC University, 2012-08)
    Theatre complex is a proposal for combining „Mahila samity‟, „Girl‟s guide association‟ & „Professional & business women‟s club.‟ The goal & function of three organizations are towards the benefit of women & society through ...
  • Hossain, Imtiaz (BRAC University, 2015-10)
    This paper is an attempt to understand the context of tourism at Nijhum Dwip (Chawr Osman). Data collected through site visits and literary sources are put forward here to analyse the site and its surroundings. The aim of ...
  • Anindya, Shamimul Hasan (BRAC University, 2013)
    Sundarbans the world's largest mangrove forest has got all the potentialities to uphold naturebased tourism in Bangladesh. Tourists coming from in and outside the country can get the opportunity to gaze the beauty of ...
  • Safiullah, Safa Binte (BRAC University, 2014-08)
    Certain spaces relate to people in ways that are complex. The complexity arises when spaces require certain forces to create a desired dialogue with the users. Many such spaces fall under the ‘transitional space’ category, ...
  • Mahjabin, Anika (BRAC University, 2015-08)
  • Sayeed, Shekhar Aditya (BRAC University, 2011-08)
    Every person has his/her own creativity that needs practice to be flourished. It needs a media which can help him/her to develop the power of his/her creativity. Now a days, people are also becoming interested in the ...
  • Tabassum, Tamanna (BRAC University, 2015)
    Twenty 1st century, the world is obsessed with the myth of development; busy in building urban cities by extracting natural resources and constructing landfill sites. Its not million tons of waste rather million tons of ...
  • Jahan, Refat (BRAC University, 2014-08)
  • Zoha, Yana (BRAC University, 2011-08)
    This dissertation paper is a descriptive article discussing the various aspects and considerations explored during the thesis project design of the Zainul Abedin art museum in Mymensingh, Bangladesh. The following will ...

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