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  • Rakib-Ul-Hoque; Alam, Shariful (BRAC University, 2006-12)
    We use several programming language for our project. like we use MySQL server for the database system. For the SMS sending and receiving we use ActiveXpert software. For report generating we use Crystal report. We use ...
  • Ahmed, Ibrar; Faruqe, Farhana (BRAC University, 2007-09)
    Security in computer and computer network is of great importance now-a-days. Identifying attacks and taking appropriate measure by system administrator is of special concern. This paper is a study and proposal of an ...
  • Ruhanuzzaman, MD.; Mahmud, Nahid (BRAC University, 2007-12)
    Voice over Internet protocol - VoIP, or IP telephony is a technology by which the routing of voice communications are done through Internet or any other Internet Protocol (IP) based networks. Here the voice data ...
  • Tora, Moumita Roy (BRAC University, 2014-01)
    Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) is used to regulate traffic signs, warn a driver, and command or prohibit certain actions. Fast real-time and robust automatic traffic sign detection and recognition can support and disburden ...
  • Mostafiz, Golam (BRAC University, 2007-12)
    To develop more effective user-oriented learning techniques for the Web, we need to be able to identify a meaningful session unit from which we can learn. Without this, we could have a high risk to mix up the different ...
  • Hasan-Al-Banna; Rajib, Riaz Mahmood (BRAC University, 2008-01)
    When the wireless communications is coming to the offices and the homes, there are some new security issues to be taken care of. Today we have continuously growing markets for the wireless LANs, but there is big black ...
  • Mohammad, Iftheker; Elahi, Mohammad Ashik (BRAC University, 2008-05)
    There is much regulatory and standards work in the area of network security, especially in wireless network. The wireless LAN standard IEEE 802.11b provides a mechanism for authentication and encryption. This paper ...
  • Azad, Samina (BRAC University, 2005-05)
    Unocal Bangladesh HR department has wanted to enjoy the fruit of computer technology to achieve the goals “reduce the cost of doing business and speed up the business processes”, thus assigned me the task to analyze the ...
  • Hossain, Adil (BRAC University, 2012-12)
    This is basically a presentation about the internship and what responsibilities I have gone through. My basic job was to help the process team to develop an Online Task Management System. This is completely based on PHP ...

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