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  • Impact of Krashen’s affective filters on English speaking skills of Aliya Madrasah students in Dakhil and Alim level 

    Amin, A.K.M. Ashraful (Brac University, 2020-04)
    This research looks into the matter of teaching and learning process of English speaking in madrasahs in Bangladesh. While doing so, it tries to relate Stephen Krashen’s hypothesis on Affective filters from his monitor ...
  • Performance analysis of Fog and Cloud Nodes for Cognitive Internet of Things 

    Eusufzai, Fariha; Haq, Tahmidul; Chowdhury, Sumit; Sahren, Shohani (Brac University, 2020-10)
    Over the past decade, human interest in wireless communication has increased remarkably, and this has led to the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud, Fog, and Edge Computing. Existing wireless network ...
  • Detection of alzheimer's disease using deep learning 

    Hasan, Mahmudul; Hassan, Syed Zafrul; Azmi, Tanzina Hassan; Hossain, Emtiaz (Brac University, 2019-12)
    Machine Learning has been on top of its form over the last few years. It covers a vast area of predictive web browsing, email and text classification, object detection, face recognition etc. Among all of the other ...
  • Product development process 

    Hassan, Zahid (Brac University, 2020-09)
    Synergies Worldwide is a well-established multinational supply chain manager and innovative interactive development group focused on goods and pricing. Synergies Worldwide supplies a competitive source of apparel and ...
  • An overview of sales procedure and service development of Arraivo 

    Hasan, Md. Amit (Brac University, 2020-09)
    The need for travelling from one place to another in our modern life is inevitable. Vehicle rental service is fulfilling this need for a long time. In addition, it eliminates a lot of inconvenience of public transport ...

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