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  • Isolation and molecular characterization of e.coli bacteriophages from surface water of Bangladesh 

    Tabassum, Sumaiya (Brac University, 2019-12)
    In our country Diarrheal epidemics occur seasonally. Two peaks of outbreaks agreeably coincide with dry season and monsoon rain. Several factors control the outbreaks to occur and collapse. Bacteriophages are one of them ...
  • Smart surveillance system for identifying bikers without helmets using deep learning 

    Hossain, MD. Iqbal; Muhib, Raghib Barkat (Brac University, 2019-08)
    Modern world is progressing quickly along with technology and one of the major sectors is transportation technology. Day by day the number of people are increasing and the number of vehicles are increasing too. As a ...
  • Secure medical record sharing using blockchain and elliptic curve cryptography 

    Kais, Emrul; Rabbi, Fazle; Adon, Sad Murshid Khan; Chowdhury, Mohibul Hassan (Brac University, 2019-08)
    Medical records contain sensitive data of a person. In our country, different organiza- tions manage medical records in different ways. Since there is no standard procedure for maintaining medical records, the overall ...
  • Automated car parking system with increased security by digital image processing 

    Chowdhury, Md. Tanzir; Rahman, Sheikh Ashik; Islam, Md. Fahad; Mallick, Md. Rezwan (Brac University, 2019-08)
    In Bangladesh car stealing is very common. Our cars are not secure even in the parking garages. Security guards can not monitor large garages properly all the time. If someone can unlock the car he can easily pass through ...
  • Detection of skin cancer using Convolutional neural network 

    Ahsan, Abu Sa-adat Mohamed Moon-Im Al; Alif, Shadman Monsur; Kibria, Junaid Bin; Gomes, Prince Elvis (Brac University, 2019-10)
    One of the most common and fatal cancer in the universe is skin cancer which arise from skin of epidermis, the topmost layer of the skin, it can happen anywhere in the body. We can find out the cancer by early detection. ...

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